• How do I know which evaluation my child needs?

    We are here to help! Even with descriptions of our evaluations, it can be difficult to know which is needed in your case. Please call our office and we can make recommendations based on your specific concerns. You will meet with the doctor before any testing is completed; each assessment is tailored to the referral questions. Every child is different. 

  • Who completes the testing?

    All of our psychologists have doctoral degrees; while an educational diagnostician or specialist may assist with some tasks, the doctor is present throughout all assessment. Graduate students and technicians do not test independently in our practice. For a complete list of our professionals and their qualifications, click here.

  • What is included in the report?

    All of our reports include the test scores for each assessment, interpretation, diagnosis if applicable, and recommendations specific to your child's profile. For further information, see our Fees page

  • Will the school accept this report?

    Typically, schools readily accept our reports. We use assessments familiar to school systems and ask for teacher input regarding students. In addition, several of our psychologists are certified school psychologists as well as licensed psychologists and have extensive experience working in school settings. 

  • Do I need to pay in advance?

    No.  You will be charged 50% of the evaluation on the first day of testing. Our prices can be found on the Fees page. However, we will ask you to put a credit card on file to secure your appointment, as our doctors set aside a half-day or a full day to see your child. Credit cards are only charged for no-show appointments. 

  • What is your cancellation policy?

    Cancellation of an appointment must be made 48 hours prior to that appointment. This is in order to allow time to offer the appointment to clients who may be on our waiting or cancellation list. Many of our appointments require an entire day of the doctor's time. Since alternative bookings are unlikely on such short notice, our policy is to charge $200 on the credit card on file for missed appointments or cancellations made with less than 48 hours notice, with exception for emergencies. 

  • Is my child's information shared with the school?

     You own your child's information and choose how and with whom to share it. Regarding our privacy policy, all personal information gathered by the psychologist during the provision of services will remain confidential and secure except when failure to disclose the information would place a client or other person at substantial risk, when your prior written approval has been obtained to provide information to another professional or agency, or when a court order is received. 

When can I expect the written results?

After test administration and all behavior checklists are returned, test data must be scored, interpreted, integrated, and written into a comprehensive report. This process can typically take 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the case. 

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