Brain Training

We often field questions about the effectiveness of programs such as Cogmed, Brain Balance, LearningRx, etc.  It is important to understand the history and research regarding these programs before making a decision to commit time and financial resources.


Tech: “Reading the situation: The relationship between dyslexia and situational awareness for road sign information.”

  • The results of this study showed that novice drivers with dyslexia had a “perceptual lag” while processing road signs, which suggests that novice, dyslexic drivers might be more prone to driving accidents because it takes dyslexics drivers more time to process the road sign’s signal.


New autism diagnoses shifting toward mild end of spectrum.

  • The researchers saw shifts in severity across all types of autism features, including social difficulties, communication problems, restricted interests and repetitive behaviors. These shifts did not vary significantly by the age or sex of the individuals.


ADHD and Exercise:  Studies show that even half an hour a day can help kids function better and feel better.

  • For kids between kindergarten and second grade, as little as a half hour a day of moderate to vigorous exercise had a positive, measurable impact on their focus and mood. The results were similar for kids with the impulsive-hyperactive type of ADHD and those with the more inattentive type.